'Music has been a source of immense comfort, inspiration and joy in my life, and I can only hope that my music may one day provide even the slightest glimmer of that to those who hear it.'

At 22, Kristi first tasted success in her music career with her debut single 'I Need More Time', a collaboration with the hit South African band GoodLuck, which reached the Top 3 on iTunes upon release.


She performed at many prestigious events and venues both locally and abroad including the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions in Nice in France, Grand-West Casino, Newlands Stadium, The Table of Peace and Unity and
many more.


Kristi and her late sister Jenna Lowe shared a love of music but, when Jenna died from a rare terminal lung condition, Kristi took a step back from performing and writing to allow herself time to heal with her family.

Having come to terms with her loss, and reignited her passion for writing, she has
forged ahead with re-establishing herself as an artist who believes in the healing power of music.

“Music has been a source of immense comfort, inspiration and joy in my life, and my wish is that my music provides the same hope for others.”


Kristi sees music as an instrument for connection and communication and is dedicated to writing about subjects and experiences that she is passionate about.


In the case of ‘Not Here To Please You’,
Kristi aims to highlight women’s issues, such as the objectification of women and issues of consent in today’s hookup culture. “I am hugely passionate about the empowerment of women, globally, but I feel it is particularly relevant in the context of South Africa, where the rates of crimes against women are so incredibly high and the need for empowering women and educating young men is even higher still.”

With “Not Here To Please You” the bells of pop stardom ring out announcing the arrival
of a musical soul whose genuine desire to make a difference to others is the central
motivation of what promises to be a long and successful career.

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